Welcome to Red Text Racing!

One of the first questions asked is, “what is ‘Red Text’?” In many printed editions of the Bible, the words spoken by Jesus Christ are printed in red, also called red letter editions, or, the red text. We like to race under the number 33 symbolizing the 33 years of Christ’s life on earth, or number 3 symbolizing the 3 years of his ministry. Number 40 represents the number of days for many trials in the Bible, but in particular 40 days the risen Christ Jesus was teaching his disciples before His ascension into heaven


First, we wish to honor God in all that we do, and we are thankful to Him for our many blessings, and to the Lord Jesus Christ for His love, sacrifice, and resurrection. It is so cool that the Creator of the entire universe desires a personal relationship with each of us for eternity! The bottom line of salvation is found in Acts 16:30-31 and in Ephesians 2:8-9


Second, I have been blessed with a terrific son with a heart for the Lord whom I enjoy sharing my car and racing enthusiasm. He has been driving something since he was about three, starting with John Deere Gator, a tractor, a Bobcat, go-karts, and now his 944 street car. Additionally, he has become a talented and accomplished Mountain Bike racer. Coming up next are the sports cars.

Third, RACING! I’ve been interested in cars since I was a little boy, too. I vividly remember my first drive in a go-kart when I was about 4. When I finally went on the track for my first HPDE (high performance driver’s education), I was completely hooked. I participated in the Skip Barber Racing Schools, continued as a DE student, then DE instructor trained and certified through the Porsche Club of America, club racing with SCCA, PCA, BMWCCA, autocross, and endurance go-kart racing. I like to share my passion for the track as an HPDE instructor with Chin Track Days, the Porsche Club of America, and the BMW Car Club. So, let me know when you are ready to go!

Red Text Racing is an opportunity to invite conversation to share our faith in Jesus with anyone, but specifically people in racing and motorsports who may be curious about God.